Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a diagnostic description for a set of observed & reported behaviours which are communicating a person’s *sensory experience of their inner and outer worlds; due to their difficulties in understanding and using verbal and/or written language to socially communicate, interact and create purposeful meaning and understanding of the world around them.

*(auditory (hearing), kinaesthetic (feeling), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste)

Autism is considered to be a life long condition and whilst there is no known specific 'cause' or 'cure,' research states it has a genetic and environmental basis for its development and there are many interventions, therapies and treatments that can make a positive difference to a person's quality of life; enabling them to learn, communicate their aspirations and reach their full potential.

Research evidence reports that using a holistic, person/family-centred approach of interventions, therapies and treatments in the natural environment with parent/carer participation, is the most effective, least stressful and demanding on family time and finances and produces longer term positive gains than the more intensive interventions used periodically in specific, clinical environments solely provided by an intervention therapist.1

Diet and nutritional supplements as a biomedical treatment for brain/gut health and development, to support the body's natural antioxidant processes and as part of the holistic approach, can also make a significant positive difference, as can Integrative Energy Healing & Movement Therapies.


Autism is clinically described and diagnosed as a neuro-developmental disorder, impairing a person's ability to socially communicate and interact; process sensory information and causing repetitive, restricted interests and behaviours. 

Until recently autism was diagnosed more commonly in males than females with a ratio of 4:1 but now girls experiencing the same challenges are being diagnosed with ASD because it is recognised they present their 'autism behaviours' differently to boys, such as having a distorted self-image, Anorexia Nervosa & other Eating Disorders.

There are various conditions diagnosed under Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) ranging from Classic/Kanner's Autism to Asperger SyndromeLorna Wing coined the name 'autistic spectrum' disorder (ASD) to represent the varying conditions on a continuum.

Autism Services

I offer bespoke individualised, positive, forward thinking, person/family/client-centred services to autistic adults, parents, carers, employers & professionals; using a holistic interactive & natural approach which is non-intensive and focuses on the individual, parents, carers & employers acquiring the resources, skills & techniques they need to become independent, establish long term gains & create consistency across the home & school/work environments.

Willing siblings are encouraged to participate as they can be very effective co-therapists. A typical session can include exploring & discovering what You Can Do; Your Priorities for Moving Forward; creating Well-formed Outcomes; Mentoring; Therapies; Interventions; Advocacy Support; Life & Relationship Coaching; Integrative Energy Healing; Progress Monitoring & Development.

1. (Howlin, P. 1998; Cassidy et al., 2008; Reed & Osborne, 2012).
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My name is Caroline Seyedi, I'm a parent carer who's enabled my daughter to become a very successful young lady from autism diagnosis at age 2 to adult independence. My purpose is to enable & empower parents, carers, autistic adults, children, siblings & their families to reach their full potential too, by sharing all I have experienced and learned to make a positive difference to the autism community in this world.
I call myself an Autism Specialist Holistic Therapist & Neuro-developmental Practitioner. I provide a wide variety of services to bring awareness and solutions that enhance social communication, behaviour, sensory challenges and support parents & their children & autistic adults to advocate for themselves. if there is anything you need that is not specifically listed & you're wondering if I can help, please contact me to see how I might be able to help.
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I combine all my skills to provide a personalised holistic service for you.


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