Fees, Payment Methods & Gift Vouchers






The investment fee for a one hour autism related consultation is £75.00
These one hour consultations are for discussing anything autism related, for general enquiries beyond a 15 minute free enquiry, information and signposting and can be a pre-requisite to a more in-depth personalised 3 hour initial consultation (see below) where further individual and personal information needs to be collected to provide an individualised personal service.
An initial 3 hour consultation & home visit to assess your personal needs and create a plan for Interventions, Therapies, Mentoring & Life Coaching is £250.00 plus any travel expenses from the City of Bristol BS9.
Consultations which take place in my consultation room incur an additional charge for the hire of the room.
 Included in this investment is a brief summary report of what was covered in the consultation and what we agreed the next steps forward are for your plan of action, based on your chosen priorities. If you require an in depth written report, this takes just as long if not longer than the actual consultation itself and therefore is charged at the same hourly rate as the consultation.
Before a 3 hour consultation, you will be asked to complete a registration questionnaire/booking form and will be sent a copy of my terms & conditions of business. This questionnaire booking form is your opportunity to give me as much information about your circumstances as possible and this will save time during your initial consultation.


My fees for Energy Healing start from £50.00 per hour when they are received as stand alone therapy sessions. However, when these therapies are integrated into your personal development coaching plan/session, they are included in that hourly rate.

NB. You do not need an initial 3 hour consultation or to complete an initial registration questionnaire to receive any of the following therapies when they are received as a stand alone treatment session but any in depth consultation or coaching will not be included in the therapy session. Only anything relevant to that specific session will be discussed in the time allocated for the therapy session. A further appointment can be made for further coaching or mentoring.

Your investment for a Therapy session with 15 minute pre-session consultation and 15 minutes post session feedback is as follows:

Reiki Seichem Healing: £50.00

Crystal Healing: £50.00

Sound Healing: £50.00

Integrative Energy Healing: £50.00 

Personalised Bach Flower Remedy & Essences: £50.00 consultation plus remedy (depending on how many flower essences needed). 

Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing (includes Chakra balancing & aura clearing): £60.00

Sessions are 1 Hour 30 minutes and include half an hour for a 15 minute pre-treatment consultation & 15 minutes for post-treatment feedback.




Designing & Creating Personalised Visual Schedules, Rules & Reward Charts

Attending Meetings/Reviews/Tribunals/Other Liaisons

Writing Reports & Letters to other professionals or organisations involved with you & your family

Travel expenses outside of the City of Bristol from postcode BS9 to your home/venue. 

Consultation room hire booking fee.

A no obligation quote for your specific requirements is available on request


When paying for:

A Pamper Day or Paying in Fundraising Fees, Donation Funds

please only make your payment by PayPal if you have a PAYPAL account and

choose 'send money to family & friends' 

or your payment will incur fees and I cannot retrieve the full amount to cover your Pamper Day or the funds you wish to donate.

*Please: always state what your payment is for when paying by PayPal*


Alternatively, please contact me

for Bank Transfer Details.

 Thank you 


Very best wishes & intentions