PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System

Using Pictures, Symbols & Photographs to enable communication...Smile

I am trained to use PECS and use this system as part of my approach where appropriate.

PECS is a system where children/individuals learn to exchange pictures to communicate their needs, understand their environment and learn new behaviours through visual supports and structures. This approach is called the Pyramid Approach to Education and embraces the principals of broad-spectrum applied behaviour analysis. It emphasizes the development of functional communication skills, independent of communication modality. It also works well alongside TEACCH and is used in many specialist schools as a communication aid for children with autism and other disabilities. The Pyramid approach focuses on functional activities and communication, powerful reinforcers and behaviour intervention plans.

I make laminated pictures, symbols, visual timetables/schedules and reward charts to individual specifications and can post them to you if you do not live locally.

Contact me for a consultation and to discuss your requirements.

More information about PECS can be found on their website, HERE.


Here is a Youtube Clip to discribe PECS further...




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