Treatments, Interventions & Therapies

...and what you can do for to make the most of them for yourself and your loved ones you care for...

What is Treatment?

Treatment can mean many different things.

It can mean how we treat ourselves and others.

How we behave towards ourself and others.

It can mean to give ourselves or another a 'treat,' like a sweet or something else we really like. to make ourselves or someone else feel really good or even loved.

It can mean receiving a treatment such as a medicine to recover from an illness or disease. It can be a cure or a relief.

Treatment can be a 'preventative' such as an intervention which prevents something else or sets it on a path towards a different direction.

Treatment can be a therapy to sooth or to improve as aspect of someone's life. 

Whatever a 'Treatment' is to you, in whatever context and time, make the most of it by learning how it can make a positive difference to you or your loved ones and make it work even more for you by adapting it into your every day life and living...

...Whether you are a Parent, Carer, Grandparent, Sibling, Partner, another family member or a friend caring for with someone on the autistic spectrum the most important thing you can do for yourself and your loved one is to first keep yourself well and healthy and second to be involved in his/her education, treatements, therapies and interventions. You can do this by being present with them (if they are adults and agree of course) during their therapy sessons, participating and asking questions to the teacher, doctor, practitioner or therapist to understand the purpose and intented outcomes of the sessions because by doing this you are learning how to help yourself and/or your loved one and you can adapt strategies and techniques in to your everyday living; not necessarily putting time aside specifically, but use your new found knowledge, skills, strategies and techniques during your everyday interactions with each other.

I did this with all my daughter's treatments, interventions and therapies over the years and although it may sound complicated and hard work, it isn't and it actually makes your whole family's life a lot simpler and easier when they join in too! 

Research has shown that parents who are involved with their child's interventions, experience less stress which in turn creates a calmer whole family environment which can only be a good thing for everyone!

This is a naturalistic approach and you will find it less stressful than trying to put specific time aside to carry out specific activities. If you have time for allocating specific time slots for activities as well then of course that is brilliant too but don't beat yourself up if you don't! Additionally, if occasionally you feel you need a break whilst your child is having a music therapy session - TAKE ONE! Don't feel guilty about doing that either. Find a coffee shop or somewhere else close by and take a break to chill out!

Whoever you are, whether you are a person who either believes autism is part of who you are or you consider you are living with an 'autistic' label and this is not who you are, whether you like to be identified as 'autistic' or someone living with autism, if you want to change your life in any way for any reason, you can use your strengths to help you to learn new skills and gain new knowledge and move towards what you want in your life; ou can explore and discover your own beliefs, values and who you really are and believe you can be who you want to be, through Personal Development Coaching; explore and discover how you can make connections with others to create the relationships you want in your life through Relationship Coaching; and to have the happy and fulfilling life you want.

Remember we are all different and that this is what makes us all special and gives us our individuality and our place and purpose in the world.

Here are some interventions, therapies, treatments and methodologies which can help improve your life and the lives of everyone in your whole family...

I can highly recommend you consider having your Assemblage Point checked and aligned before you start anything else...

Diet, Nutrition & Herbs

Speech & Language Therapy

Makaton Signing



Sound Healing & Music Therapy

Early Years Programs

Intensive Interaction

Personal Development & Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Sensory Integration Therapy (SIT)

Assemblage Point Alignment

Reiki Healing

Crystal Healing

Integrative Energy Healing

Bach Flower Remedies & Essences

Empowering NLP Life Coaching, Intervention, Integrative Energy Healing & Assemblage Point Alignment COMBO

My Holistic Approach