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Talks about Autism & Asperger Syndrome for Small Groups

'Explore & Discover Autism: Q & A with Caroline Seyedi

Brain Gym® 26 Movements for enhancing the physical skills of learning

Improving sleep

Ways for managing and reducing Anxiety


EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOPS (Half Day - Morning or Afternoon sessions)




Talks with Questions & Answers for small groups:

These talks are for small groups wanting to learn more about autism & Asperger syndrome, the intervenions, therapies and treatments that can make a difference. They are for a maximum of 2 hours and can be about anything related to children and adults with or awaiting a diagnosis of autism. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your interest further.


 Explore and Discover Autism & Asperger syndrome; Interventions; Therapies and Treatments: Questions & Answers with Caroline Seyedi:

These sessions are new and I will host one and advertise the dates on this website regularly. However. if you have a group wishing to book this kind of session for a group you organise, please contact me to discuss and book this. 

These Explore & Discover sessions can vary in length and depth of information to suit different audience's needs.

The minimum session is one hour session and a maximum of three hours. Topics covered can include one or a combination of the following:

  • A Brief Overview of What is autism and Asperger syndrome?
  • 'Our families journey through autism' (including what interventions, therapies and treatments we used and why)
  • Which interventions, therapies & treatments can make a positive difference 
  • Questions and Answers related  to autism/ Asperger syndrome, its causes, management and interventions in general
  • Which type of school is best for my child: the different options open to you and the differences in the type of support available in these environements (includes the latest Act of Parliament Law - The Children & Families Act 2014)
  • Being a Parent/Carer/Partner of a loved one with autism or Asperger Syndrome - how to look after yourself & your loved one)
I create bespoke workshops for specific groups as well as host my own designer Workshops & Courses.
If there is a topic you would like me to cover for a group which is not mentioned above, please contact me to discuss this and I will create one.

All my workshops are experiential and are intended to be interactive and fun to give maximum impact on learning about how individuals with autism have reported to experience their reality of the world as well as my own experiences as a mother.

My workshops can cover:

  • The first signs of autism and what you can do before an assessment to help your child
  • How autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is diagnosed (including Asperger syndrome
  • Possible causes of autism (including: genetics; environment and the 'controversial' Vaccines) based on my MA Autism and more recent research
  • The common and conventional interventions used and some of the more alternative and 'biomedical' ones (including diet and using nutritional supplements; Homeopathy; Meditation; Bach Flower Remedies, NLP, Reiki, Crystal & Sound Healing)
  • Which School placement is best for my child? EHCPs & The Childrens' & Families Act
  • Understanding Behaviours & Enabling Positive Communication & Positive Interaction with your loved one (Adult or Child)
  • Sensory input & output: A new model for understanding and interacting with 'Autism' Thinking, Communicating, Behaviours & the 'Social Scene.'
  • Strategies to reduce Anxiety and become calm
  • 'Our Physical World Journey through Autism,' from diagnosis to this present day and the research behind the interventions my daughter has had and is still using and my reasons for using the ones I did and still am
  • 'Our Spiritual World Journey with Autism - From Pilgrimage to University - Prayers, Faith, Belief & Answers...

**Everyone is different and the intervention plan I design and use to help my daughter become the best she can be and fulfill her dreams will be different to a plan needed by another person with the same or similar diagnosis.

Every child/adult with autism needs an individualised, holistic, person-centred approach to reach their full potential and become the best they can be.

Interventions treat the symptoms and behaviours of a person and like medications no one intervention has the same effect or is safe for everyone; interventions need to be personalised and supervised.

My workshops are not for giving specific advice for individual cases and should not be considered to be so. If you would like a personal consultation for an individualised assessment and intervention plan please contact me for a private consultation.

Please contact me if you want to book any of the workshops below or  to discuss your groups/your organisation's workshop requirements and I will create a personalised workshop to meet your needs.



What is autism and Asperger syndrome?

Supporting families living with autism

Our Journey Through Autism


WHAT IS AUTISM & ASPERGER SYNDROME? (Morning 9.30am - 1.00pm or Afternoon 1.30pm - 5pm)

This Half Day workshop provides:

  • an introductory experience of what autism is...
  • how it is diagnosed
  • some strategies and techniques to understand, encourage, support and work with:
  1. communication,
  2. increase interaction  
  3. 'autistic' behaviours (including sensory processing) 

Comments and Testimonials for past workshop participants:

‘Caroline combined her personal experiences and extensive training to deliver an excellent workshop. We all came away with a greater understanding of how a child with autism sees the world and with practical advice on how to support them and their parents. We intend booking a follow up session as our volunteers would like to know more!’ Beverley Symonds Senior Co-ordinator Home-Start Bristol.

‘All of the session was good especially at first putting us in the autistic child’s place’

‘An amazing training and I would happily have stayed all day to learn more!’

‘More time required’

‘Worked well, lots of good information’

‘Good presentation’

‘Caroline was extremely knowledgable’



SUPPORTING FAMILIES LIVING WITH AUTISM (Morning 9.30am - 1.00pm OR Afternoon 1.30pm - 5.00pm)

This Half Day workshop is designed to help you to understand:

  • What it is like to not be able to communicate or be understood
  • Explores ways to overcome that in a way that is consistent with Special Education School Placements and some 'core' as well as 'new' interventions therapies
  • Discuss and practice techniques and strategies in pairs and groups - including some NLP, meditation & other intervention strategies
  • You will come away with many ideas and strategies to help to look after your loved one, your family and/or the families you work with as well as yourself!


OUR JOURNEY THROUGH AUTISM (Morning 9.30 - 1.00pm OR Afternoon 1.30pm - 5.00pm)

This half day workshop tells our story through autism before and since my daughter's diagnosis at age two. It includes:

  • Receiving the diagnosis
  • The interventions we used & the challenges and successes we experienced with the interventions, therapies and treatments available to us on the NHS and privately
  • The challenges and successes we  experienced with the education system, schools and academies
  • School's out for holidays! Eeek! Places to go and support available
  • How autism has challenged us and enriched our lives as a family
  • The support and care we received and how we accessed what we needed and wanted and how you can too... 

FULL DAY EXPERIENCE (9.30am - 4pm):


the Signs & Symptoms; Assessment & Diagnosis; using Interventions, Therapies & Treatments to make a Positive Difference

This full day workshop is an expansion and more in-depth experience of the above morning/afternoon workshops. As well as more exploration into the topics listed above, a day workshop can include more information to enable you to advocate for your loved one's and own needs such as, The Families & Childrens' Act 2014; The Autism Act 2009; using NLP to Think, Communicate and Behave in a more positive and resourceful way that will make a positive difference to the whole family; Brain Gym® 26 Movements training; how Reiki & Crystal Healing works and can help; how Bach Flowers Remedies can help support you and your loved one emotionally, spiritually & physically; the profound changes using Sacred sound and more...

 My fees vary depending on your requirements, number of attendees, location, venue and facilities available. Please Contact Me to discuss your requirements and for a no obligation investment quote.