'Intensive Interaction'

Mirroring; Matching; Interacting; Non-Verbal Communication; Vocalisations; Verbal Communication;...Smile

I have been practicing Intensive Interaction for 16 years with my daughter:

Here I will be explaining about Intensive Interaction, what is it and where it originated from. It is used to encourage connection, interaction and communication with children, especially and not limited to those who are non-verbal and are severely impaired with autism. I have been using it since I read about the Sonrise program and took part in the Hanen program 'It Takes Two to Talk' 16 years ago.

I have also attended an Intensive Interaction workshop with Tandy Harrison and found that this reinforced all the things I already practice.

It is easy, fun and so rewarding to do!

You can do it anywhere!

I use it with the children and adults I work with, with great results!

Here is Dave Hewitt talking about what Intensive Interaction is: