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Stepping up to the next level for a completely holistic and unique service for everyone living with autism, anxiety and emotional challenges:


Energy and Vibration for healing our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies...

(NB. These therapies are available without the 3 hour initial consultation required for my Coaching, Mentoring & Advocacy Support Services.)


 About my personal beliefs on Healing

My training as a Healing Therapist


Assemblage Point Alignment with Sound Frequencies

Listen to the Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing Sound Frequencies

Some Case Study reports and testimonials on Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing




 Personalised Sound Healing Vibrational Essence!

A Sound Mind & Body 4 a Sound Life!  







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What are the benefits of these energy vibration  treatments? 

Amongst other positive effects, clients have reported...
'...improved, deeper & uninterrupted sleep...'  
'...reduced stress and anxiety with an inner calmness...
'...an increased ability to cope with very challenging behaviours and situations in a more resourceful way..'
and much more... 

How is Energy & Sound Vibration Healing related to Autism?

We know that everything in the world is made up of vibrating molecules of energy. Partical science, Quantum and Bio Physics confirms this and that everything is vibrating at different frequencies and these frequencies are affected by further frequencies surrounding them and these frequencies ripple out around our world which extend to the great universe beyond our world and all these affects us to some degree!

Did you know that the vibrations created from earthquakes, volcanoes and worldwide catastrophes, such as that of 9/11, have been recorded by satellites far out in space?  

Even minuscule subtle energy frequencies, such as those created from our own thoughts effect everything around us, as Marasu Emoto discovered when he was researching the changes in frozen water molecules made by different frequencies and vibrations and that even our thoughts alone have an impact on all physical materials and objects!

As it is said, 'seeing is believing,' here is a half an hour documentary from You Tube showing you this amazing fact!...make yourself a cuppa and take time to watch it...





As Dr Marasu Emoto discovered and evidenced, the power of our thoughts alone makes a profound  structural difference to water molecules and as our bodies are made from 60-80% water, this is a scientific explanation of how difference frequencies around us as well as far away form us, influence how we think, communicate and behave and how this all has an impact on our physical, emotional and spritual well being and on everything else around us!

This is so exciting because it enables us to better understand how energy treatments such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the power of belief, placebos, the Law of Attraction and other models of psychology which are often dismissed as 'pseudoscience,' by some of the 'scientific 'evidence based' research world,' do actually work!




My Energy & Vibrational Healing Services

I am a Master Practitioner in NLP and I practice this way of thinking, communicating and behaving in my everyday life. The structure of NLP relates to how my mindset was whilst I was coping with the many challenges of living with autism that we faced as a family throughout the years - believing 'where there is a will there is a way,' that there are always other options to choose and that every task can be adapted to achieve an outcome. This means that by coaching you using the models and beliefs of NLP, I can enable and empower you to think, communicate and behave in a way that will enable you to create and achieve what you want to in your life. 

I am qualified as a Reiki Seichem Healing Master Practitioner/Teacher; a Crystal Healing Practitioner, a Meditation Teacher and an Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing Practitioner.

I am qualified through The College of Sound Healing, as a Sound Healing Practitioner using my Voice, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Biosonic Tuning Forks, Bells, Chimes, Drums, a Flute and many other ancient Sacred instruments...

You can also receive any of these Energy Healing Treatments absently and distantly.


My Personal Beliefs on 'Healing.' 

When I first started to explore 'Healing,' I wondered if this was conducive with my spiritual beliefs, the Baha'i Faith.

I knew that the Baha'i Faith teaches us that Science and Religion are one and one cannot exist without the other and so when I started to research into Reiki Healing and discovered there is no specific religion or cult attached to it and it is 'calling upon' the universal life force energy (which some of us call God), and I found texts within my Faith that mentions this kind of healing (see below); and...

  • I realised that it makes sense through Quantum and Bio Physics;
  • then I saw the documentary of Marasu Emoto (above) and how our thoughts and intentions alone, can influence physical objects and beings;
  • after my first Reiki attunements, I could feel the energy flowing through me and out of my hands;
  • whenever I prayed or gave a healing to myself, my family and friends, I could feel energy around the crown of my head, being drawn through me and out through my hands;
  • with Crystal Healing,  I learned how geology, geophysics, vibration and energy is all part of our earth and the rocks and crystals and how this relates to using them for Vibration & Energy Healing;
  • and then, how Sound frequencies can be recorded and physically seen and how ultra sound is used in hospitals for seeing physical presences in the body and can break up kidney stones - as can gongs and other sound healing instruments;
  • and then I read about how sound can destroy cancer cells at specific frequencies;
  • and I discovered many other scientific facts about all these Energy Healing therapies as well as experiencing the results for myself and received confirming feedback and testimonials from people when conducting my own case studies; I began to feel very excited to believe that,

All Energy Healing does makes Scientific sense when you want to look for and find the theories and evidence!





The Assemblage Point - The Epicentre Of Your Health & Well-being! 

1 Hour (plus half an hour for pre-treatment consultation & post-treatment feedback) = £50  


What is the Assemblage Point & Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing?

We are all made up of vibrating energy that is invisible to the naked eye and it is a scientific fact that all energy systems such as the stars, planets and galaxies have a centre of rotating energy called an epicentre which is the vortex assembling the whole energy field and connecting systems.

These assembling epicentres are called the assemblage points and this is the main place where our energy field connects with our physical body. (Whale, 2009; Heather, 2016).

When we are in the womb before our birth we are attached to our mother by our umbilical cord. This is where we are ‘assembled’ in the womb. Once we are born and the umbilical cord is cut, our assemblage point is at our navel and moves up towards the middle of the chest over the following seven years. An adult female’s assemblage point is often but not always a little higher than a male’s (Whale, 2009).

The Assemblage Point of the human energy field is in the centre of the chest by the sternum. This is not the heart or heart chakra. From here our energy enters from the front of our chest through to the back creating a tubular focal point from where a larger and circular energy field is created around us, a bit like a ring donut.  This assemblage point is said to be the seat of our consciousness and is where our etheric, astral and causal energy fields should be centred as well if we are physically, emotionally and spiritually well (Whale, 2009).


(image from whalemedical.com)

The assemblage point can shift as a result of emotional trauma – grief, pain, heartbreak, depression; abuse; shock; giving birth; bereavement; drug use; toxins and poisons; surgery; glandular fever, a major change in a relationship; intimidation stroke and any other sudden change or attack on a person.

When the assemblage point is out of alignment, it will affect how a person thinks, communicates and behaves and a person can suffer with anxiety, panic, depression, exhaustion, mood swings, apathy, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, introversion, social anxiety and serious illnesses and mental illness, physical diseases and other unwanted conditions manifest as a result. The chakras also are not working to their full potential, they can move out of alignment and become unbalanced frequently, despite them being aligned or balanced during other healing and therapy sessions.

The assemblage point can also split into one or more fragments and move to different locations in the body.  This can be the cause of Schizophrenia, Bi-polar disorder and other dual or multi faceted conditions and co-morbid diseases. (See  the diagnam below).


(image from junipergreen.co.za)

We also have assemblage points in our astral and causal energy bodies and these can be out of alignment too as a result of the same or different intrusive events from our past. These also need to be aligned above the physical and etheric body’s assemblage point to complete the alignment treatment. The astral and causal energy bodies surround us and encase us in energy in an egg like shape as shown above. Our astral body is our emotional energy field and the causal energy body is our spiritual energy field. The alignment of these bodies is all part of the assemblage point alignment treatment, as is the clearing of any unwanted energies.

Jon Whale says, 

'Gross misalignment of the Assemblage Point location is present in many diseases such as: Depression, post natal depression, bipolar syndrome, paranoia, schizophrenia, drug and alcohol addiction, epilepsy, senile dementia, coma, Parkinsonism, toxicity, leukaemia, cancer, auto immune deficiency syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, multiple sclerosis, and many others. Many of these conditions are accompanied by compromised pathology of the patient's haematology and biochemistry.'

He also mentions autism in his book (see his book below)


Jon Whale's Seven Rules of the Assemblage Point


At the Physical, emotional, atomic and quantum levels, a human being is an independent oscillating energy field. All Oscillating Energy fields by virtue of the fact that they are oscillating must have an epicentre or vortex of the rotation. The epicentre of the human energy field is called the Assemblage Point.


The location and entry level of the Assemblage Point with respect to the physical body dictates the shape and distribution of the human energy, as does disease.


The shape and distribution of the human energy field are directly proportional to the biological energy and activity of the organs and glands in the physical body, and the quality of the emotional energy.


 The biology activity of the organs and glands determines the position of the Assemblage Point and thus the shape and distribution of biological energy throughout the physical body.


The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point has a direct influence over the biological activity of all the organs and glands including the brain and these have a direct influence on the location of the Assemblage Point.


The location and angle of the Assemblage Point regulates how we feel and behave, disease also dictates the Assemblage Point location and entry angle.


For better or worse, manipulation or misappropriation of the Assemblage Point location and entry angle facilitates and effects the way we feel and the manner in which we behave, our state of health or disease and our expectations of recovery from disease.

(The Catalyst of Power, Introduction by Professor Elena Evtimova. Ph.D,, page 18)


Once the assemblage point has moved to below the ‘critical umbilical line’ death occurs but Whale states that, 'Preventing the Assemblage point from dropping to this gap, will prevent death. However, once an assemblage point is realigned to its central place, healing can take place on many levels within a person, sometimes enabling them to reduce their medication (with their doctor’s permission and guidance of course).

It is important that you go to a person who is trained and insured to align your assemblage point for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and ethical safety and healing.

I have been trained by Simon Heather, the Founder & Principle of the College of Sound Healing

Once your assemblage point is realigned and healing has taken place, you will feel very different and any other therapies you are receiving will have a stronger effect and last longer because your energy field will be working more efficiently. Depending on how far away the assemblage point has moved in the first place, how long it was there and how you choose to change your lifestyle to improve your overall well-being with the renewed energy you will have, it can move slightly off centre again. You will be asked to return a week later for a review check and if this is the case, realignment can be done and repeated over the following few weeks until the assemblage point becomes stable and stays in place.

You may think this is a new phenomena but John Whale who is a scientist, psychologist, life script analyst, graphologist, graphic design and development engineer, experienced in a diversity of esoteric and mystical disciplines and an international author, compiled this work on the assemblage point in 1996 for non-scientific readers as he believed that the medical profession would unlikely incorporate the assemblage point diagnositic and correction procedures into their work. However, in the third edition of his book, 'The Catalyst of Power: The Assemblage Point of Man,' he now includes scientfic publications in chapter  eight for those wanting more 'scientific evidence' of the assemblage point.

Once you have experienced how well you feel when your assemblage point is aligned, you will likely be able to notice if it has started to move away from the centre again and will be able to make an appointment to have it realigned. Usually, if it does move, it does not move as far away as it was initially and regular realignment and fine tunings soon enables it to become more stable and stay in place.

During my Assemblage Point Alignment and Healing training, I experienced having my assemblage point aligned and my energy bodies healed. When I first lay on the treatment bed felt a bit lopsided so I physically adjusted myself but still felt uneven in my posture. As my assemblage point became aligned, I felt an amazing sense of energy shifting and centralising. I felt the energy fill my whole body and connect from my upper body moving down to my feet. My body felt weightless. Afterwards, when I got down from the couch and started to walk around, I literally felt taller! My body feels aligned, grounded, more present and symmetrical now and others noticed a brightness in my eyes and how much more relaxed my face appeared. Everyone’s experience will be as unique and different as they are as individuals and it will depend how far away from the assemblage point’s central location it has shifted and needs to be brought back to be centralised as explained above.

Being a passionate researcher and wanting to improve my own life, my family's and the lives of my clients in every way possible, I was keen to learn about this enabling and empowering treatment and add it to my services and now I have received training to identify the current position of your assemblage point and to safely realign it whilst you are fully dressed and using crystals, I am very excited to be offering this as one of my services to you!Smile 


In fact, I believe that having your assemblage points located and aligned to its correct 'epicentre' location should be the very first and foremost therapy you receive before any other because it will improve the effectiveness of all other therapies and interventions you are receiving, will enable those treatments to  and will enhance all the work we do together as a team! This is not compulsory of course but is my highest recommendation to you, as a kick start to your person-centred plan.

How many sessions are needed to align the assemblage point?

The answer to this question is not the same for everyone, it can take between 2 and 5 sessions to stablise the assemblage point and there will be suggested activities for you to follow to enhance the settling in and healing process. Depending on how long your assemblage point has been out of alignment and how you take care to follow the suggestions to aid in its stabilisation and healing, you will be invited back a week later for a review of your assemblage point's location. If it has moved, often this is only slightly compared to the first alignment, I will re-align it for you and there will be a charge for this session. If the assembalge point has stabilised then there will be no charge for reviewing and check this, unless you wish me to carry out another therapy during this session of course...

1 Hour (plus half an hour for pre-treatment consultation & post-treatment feedback) = £50 (includes chakra vibration balance & protection check & necessary work completed)

Follow up reviews (recommended) : £50 (includes Chakra balance check & necessary work)

I am also able to complete your Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing Absently & Distantly!

Please contact me for a discussion and an appointment HERE


For some children under the age of 10, an assemblage point alignment and healing treatment is considered to be unsuitable but you can choose for them to receive a full chakra vibration balance and aura clearing instead. If you feel your child will have problems with laying still during this treatment, it's actually NO PROBLEM! I can do it absently & distantly! Laughing

For more information about your assemblage point alignment, what’s involved and to book an appointment please contact me HERE.

If you would like to learn more about the Assemblage Point you can read more from

Jon Whale's Book




or  Jon Whale's Website 

or Simon Heather's Website.



*It is also possible to realign the Assemblage Point using sound frequencies. Simon Heather has kindly given me permission to share these frequencies on my website below...

To try this or experience how having your Assemblage Point aligned by a Practitioner will make a positive difference to you, please choose either the male or female frequency below and listen to it through your head phones, at a comfortable listening level (not too loud).

Both frequencies are 8-minute MP3-format tracks and to get the best effect, you should listen to them twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

You can listen to the these frequencies while sitting or lying down.

The frequencies may sound quite discordant at first but this is okay because discordant sounds tend to move energy and harmonious sounds have a balancing and stablising effect.

It is good to focus on the Assemblage Point diagram while listening to the sounds and to ask that your Assemblage Point is restored to its correct position.


These same frequencies are what I will recommend you listen to following your Assmblage Point Alignment and Healing Treatment with me to support its stability in remaining in its correct position in the week following and before you return to me to have its position reviewed.

*The further benefits of coming to me to assess the current position of  your Assemblage Point and re-aligning it for you, are that I will also check your etheric, astral & causal  assemblage points are aligned front and back and check your energy fields for  any **disruptive energies or vibrations in them which could be causing you further physical, emotional or spiritual discomfort or challenges and I will dissipate these with sound to ensure your energies are at their optimum functioning. I will also ensure your assemblage point is at its correct diameter front and back , ensuring its optimum vibration at this important epi-centre, check your chakras are aligned, and vibrating at their correct frequency and closed enough to be safe and protected.

Women should listen to the Female Frequencies.
Men should listen to the Male Frequencies.
Please do not listen to both sets of frequencies.

Female Frequencies                 Male Frequencies
(left-click to stream MP3, right-click to download MP3, 11megaBytes)
Pregnant women or children under 14 should NOT use the Assemblage Point sound frequencies.

** Disruptive energies can build up from such items as computers, mobile phones, TVs, other electronic equipment and from other energy sources.

Please can you email me with your feedback from using the Assemblage Point frequencies  and let me know if you are happy for your feedback to be shared on this page and with Simon Heather.

If you wish to know more about the scientific research the College of Sound Healing are conducting into the effectiveness of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy and you want to make a donation towards the college's research, you can do by clicking here... 'Sound4Healing'


 Some Assemblage Point Alignment Case Study Results & Testimonials so far...

July 2016
Case Study Gender: Male
Case Study Diagnosis: Learning Disability & Generalised Anxiety Disorder
I realigned a client's AP whilst with him a few weeks ago and when I revisited him this week he was talking very fast and his overall behaviour was hyper. On rechecking, his AP had started to move back but not as far as it was nor split as it was when I originally realigned it. He continued chatting to me while I realigned it and his voice noticably got deeper and his speed of talking noticably slowed down as I was working with him and his energy auras. This was incredible to witness and he actually agreed to remove his shoes and let me massage his feet this week whereas last week he wouldn't do this and was adverse to not wearing his shoes arund his flat, so I massaged his ankles and used the OM tuning fork to support grounding him after his initial AP realignment. This week however, after initially not being keen before the alignment to remove his shoes, he put his feet on my lap individually and let me massage his feet thoroughly. He assured me he had rested on his bed for 20 minutes after I had left the week before and would do this again after I left this week.
He has made significant progress whilst I have been working with him this last year, initially using NLP to adddress his anxiety and enable and empower him to leave his room more often and socialise with the other house residents. More recently introducing and using sound healing (tuning forks, gongs, bells, flute etc. - he has not been quite ready yet for me to use my voice  sounding on him) but as he is now allowing more physical contact and lets me get closer to him with the sound instruments and we have a good rapport and professional trusting relationship.
He doesn't have a diagnosis of autism but his family believe he does have autism and it has been over looked with the diagnosis he has had since he has been a young boy, as do I but there is no additional advantage at the moment to having him assessed for an ASD diagnosis.
July 2016
Case Study for Distance Assemblage Point Alignment Realignment
Case Study Gender: Female
Distance: In same city as me, Bristol
Case Study Diagnosis: No ASD but Arthritis, Diabetes, Hip Pain, Chronic Anaemia
Despite it being generally believed that moving the AP at a distance is not possible, I have been exploring this possibility and have several case studies who are receiving AP alignment from a distance. To date, I have 3 case studies, one in Bristol, one in London and one in Canada. I have recently visited this one in Bristol and when checking the position of her assemblage point physically after aligning it the week before at a distance, it was still in its correct location as were her Assemblage Points in all her energy bodies: the etheric, astral and causual bodies. This client's AP had been split and relocated in lower positions on her body when initially checked at a distance.
The client is usually very tired and drawn in appearance and often when learning to use her new mobile phone, gets very impatient with herself. However, whilst helping her use more features on her phone (which is her first experience of using anything computerised), the week after her assemblage point alignment,  she was much more calmer and more patient as she was learning new skills such as to type on a small 'keyboard' and how to send an email. Additionally, a week or so later, she reported that her doctor had phoned to tell her that her blood test had shown her anaemia had improved somewhat, after many years of it being consistently low!
This case was the first I completed which has shown that realigning the AP at a distance and absently is in fact possible.

I have since completed many more very successful Absent and Distant Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing Treatments as you will read from the testimonial below...

'Hi Caroline,
After the treatment you gave to me I just want to come back to you with my feedback. Excuse me for any mistakes due to my English. Before your treatment I wasnt feeling my self. Every  morning I was panic attacked that the day time wasn't enough for me. I had all my things to do in head blocking me and having the sense that I will not manage to do all of them.  I had fire on me. I was so stressed. I was getting upset and angry easily. I was so sesitive and cry very offen. I believed that my self changed a lot. I never believed that any of these methods can help me. I am very religion person. I am Christian Orthodox. When You talked to me about this method I just trusted you . I knew you are my friend and you will do anything to help me and not to harm me. So I accepted to have your treatment.
You know from the next morning. When I woke up I felt I got back to my self again. I felt I was standing in my feet again. I was so relaxed, happy. My head was so light and not heavy like before. I felt that I can manage with my life. Even now after days of the treatment I still feel good. You did the same to my son and he feels good. And the other excited is that you did that to my husband IN DISTANCE. He changed a lot to the better. He is more calm and facing his heavy daily programme in calmness. I really like to thank you for that.  I wish we knew about it before and we should do it immediately.  I recommend it to my friends as well. Keep going Caroline, you are our PROFESSOR. I will call you from now on PROFESSOR. You are absolutely PERFECT. I admire you. Warm regards, V.'

12 year old with digeridoo at his sound healing session 



Sound Healing Treatment 

 1 Hour (plus half an hour for pre-treatment consultation & post-treatment feedback) = £40


What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the therapeutic use of sound and music for healing. Sound healing is a natural way to treat pain and illness. Sound healing is simple to use and has no harmful side effects. Recent scientific research into sound healing has shown that certain sound frequencies help to heal the body and speed up the body’s natural healing processes.


Sound healing is one of the oldest forms of healing known to man.
Sound healing was used by the ancient civilisations of China, Egypt, Greece and India.
In the Bible it says that David played his harp to lift King Saul's depression. Handel wrote his ‘Water Music’ to help King George’s problems of memory loss and depression.


Vocal Expression
Toning, Singing, Chanting, Laughing.
Using Instruments
Crystal Bowls, Drums, Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks and other Sacred sound and musical instruments.
Sound Healing Therapy
Where a person receives a sound healing treatment from a sound healer.
Self Healing
Using sound healing exercises for self healing.
The use of music to relax, reduce pain or calm a person before surgery.
You can read more information about Sound Healing and How it Works HERE.


The College of Sound Healing recently participated in a research project carried out at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. The study found that sound healing led to a change from negative to positive thought patterns and to the relief of pain. People receiving sound healing reported that they felt relaxed and calm afterwards. 

Scientific Research 

Research published in the Journal of Music Therapy found that listening to certain types of music increases the body’s production of immune-boosting hormones and decreases the level of the stress related hormone cortisol.

Sound Healing in the NHS

At the Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny in Wales around 40 volunteers and musicians are participating in the Soundscape project.Participants use their voices and instruments such as gongs and singing bowls to create therapeutic sounds for patients.  (I was a participant in the 2015 Sound Scape)

Members of the College of Sound Healing ...

- use sound healing in day centres where they help people with disabilities and complex care needs.


- are currently working with researchers from Newcastle University on a scientific study using sound healing to help people suffering from dementia.


- work in hospices using sound healing to comfort those close to death. They will often join with family members in singing healing songs and chants to their loved ones.


- work in schools using sound work to help children express themselves better and gain greater confidence. Work with sound is particularly helpful for students with learning difficulties.



A sound healing treatment will last for around one hour.

In the treatment you will lie on a therapy couch (or sometimes on a mattress on the floor covered in silks and balnkets) while the practitioner sounds over you. 

There will then be a period of silence to allow you to integrate the sound healing. 

The practitioner will use their voice as well as musical instruments such as crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks.

The practitioner uses a range of sounds to balance different areas of the body. 

Most people feel deeply relaxed after a sound healing treatment.

Sound healing treats the mind, body and spirit...

'We have made music a ladder by which souls may ascend to the realm on high.' - Baha'u'llah (Founder of the Baha'i Faith)

Reports from gratified parents consistently include feedback that tells of how their child was very unusually calm after a treatment and how this was followed by a very deep long sleep in the evening. One child’s mother reported that she even had to awaken her son to get him ready for school the next morning which had been unheard of before!

This 10 year old has a diagnosis of autism and ADHD and the parent commented on how she had never seen him so calm laying anywhere, let alone on a treatment couch during his treatment! 

12 year old with digeridoo at his sound healing session

Read More Testimonials Here.




Reiki & Seichem Energy Healing:

1 Hour (plus half an hour for pre-treatment consultation & post-treatment feedback) = £40

What is Reiki & Seichem? 

Reiki is a Japanese technique which reduces stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation and healing. It is a subtle energy which originates from the universe and flows through us as an unseen 'life force energy' and is what enables us to be physically alive here on earth. When our 'energy' is low or disrupted through shock, trauma, giving birth, surgery, drug and alcohol consumption and other incidents, our physical body is more susceptible to illness, disease and we feel anxious or stressed. When it is high, we will be more healthy and feel more alive to deal with every day challenges. Reiki is not attached to any Religion and you do not have to change your beliefs to give or receive a treatment.

Seichem is also an energy healing system which was discoered by Patrick Zeigler in the Pyramids in Egypt and when used with Reiki is a powerful system using all four healing elements: Earth (Reiki Energy), Air (Angel Light Energy), Fire (Sakara Energy) & Water Soph-iel Energy). EAch of these four energies can be related to an indiviual's astrological birth sign. As with Reiki, Seichem promotes & accelerates the healing process, helping with stress and anxiety. Reiki & Seichem Healing combined is very powerful working on many levels; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It also promotes deep relaxation.

Reiki is the attunement to the Earth energy & Seichem introduces the missing part of Air, Fire and Water using the four elements as well as 'The Violet Flame attunement' which transmutes negative energy back into healing energy and is a very powerful energy system.


What does a Reiki & Seichem Practitioner do during a treatment?

A Reiki Practitioner has been through ceremonial processes called 'attunements' with an experienced Reiki Master who had it 'passed down' to them by their Reiki Master. This opens up the energy channels within the person to be more able to channel the universal life force energy through them and to the client by 'the laying on of hands' either just placed above the client's clothed body or on their clothed body. The Practitioner is not using their own life force energy as this would mean they become depleted in their energy.

The Practitioner is not 'doing' anything to the client and neither is she/he fixing them. The client's body 'draws' the energy it needs through the palms of the practitioner's hands and it will flow to wherever it is needed most for their highest and greatest good leaving the client very relaxed, calm and more able to deal with everyday activities and challenges. A bit like having an energy 'recharge!Wink

It is important for the client and the practitioner to drink a large glass of water immediately following a treatment because this will promote the release of any toxins and negative energy and increase the benefits of this amazing healing treatment.

Reiki & Seichem can be used to remove stale and negative energies in an environment which can contribute to a person's irritability; sleeplessness; anxiety; stress and challenging communication and behaviours.

After clearing any negative energy in a recent client's home using Reiki, Crystals and Sound and only one 'Integrative Energy Healing' session, a five year old little boy with autism who has had trouble sleeping and displays challenging behaviour, told his mum,

'Caroline made me feel happy inside' and mum also reported that 'He slept really well in his bed and when I asked him why? He said that you had made him feel tired (I guess he means relaxed) which is excellent!'...

 This little boy also slept through the night for the first time!

 Please click here if you want to contact me to book a Reiki treatment.



Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing: 

 1 Hour (plus half an hour for pre-treatment consultation & post-treatment feedback) = £40

What is Crystal healing?

Crystal healing involves a crystal healing practitioner placing specific crystals on the client's clothed body and then the laying of their hands in a sequence, above or on your clothed body. Each crystal is made up of different vibrating molecular structures which are oscillating at different frequencies and each frequency has a different healing effect on the body. The practitioner may use a pendulum to dowse for the specific crystals which are best for your highest and greatest good at the current time and if there is time you may look at the healing properties of the crystals used in the Crystal Bibles afterwards.

What is Chakra Balancing?

We all have many energy points in our body called Chakras keeping us functioning and alive. Without energy we would not exist. Our main Chakras are positioned don the centre of our body and each one has a specific function and effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. When any of these Chakras are 'unbalanced, it means they are not vibrating to their full potential, causing us problems in our physical, emotional and spiritual being. This also happens if any one of these Chakras are out of alignment in our body. A Practioner can recover the balance and aligmnent by using Crystals, Reiki and Sound. I have alos found that the Chakras become balanced and aligned during the process of an Assemblage Point Alignemnt.

What happens during a Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing Treatment?

You will remain fully clothed throughout the treatment and may experience some 'tingling' in your body or some shifts of energy around your body. The Practitioner will ask you to hold a specific crystal and place other crystals on your clothed body on your Chakras and anywhere else on your body the practitioner finds you are experiencing an inbalance. Then the Practitioenr will use her hands and place them over the crystals whilst carrying out the treatment. All you need to do is relax and enjoy!

What are the after effects of receiving a Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing Treament?

Clients have reported feeling the vibrations of the crystals placed on them or held in their hand during their treatment and the energies shifting within and afterwards feeling a strong sense of inner calmness, well-being and groundedness. Some clients who have previously experienced only receiving Reiki, have felt the crystals increase the pleasnt feelings of the energy flowing and tingling which they describe as pleasant and relaxing and felt the healing has been even more powerful. However, it is important to understand that everyone is very different and everyone's experiences will also be different. 

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Integrative Energy Healing: 

*(A choice combination of *Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing*, Seichem  Reiki, Crystal and/or Sound Healing with your personal energy treatment Vibration Essence)

 1 hour & a half (plus half an hour for pre-treatment consultation & post-treatment feedback (2 hours in total, including 10 minute silence integration period)) 

without Assemblage Point Alignment = £40 

*with Assemblage Point Alignment* = £80 (lasts up to 2 and a half hours & includes 2 movement breaks & silence integration periods, one of 20 minutes and one of 10 minutes)

Having your Assemblage Point Alignment prior to any other treatment such as Reiki Seichem, Crystal and/or Sound Healing ensures that you will receive the best benefit from your treatment and can enable a powerful transformation. Clients feedback following this combination has been expressed as 'amazing!' 

Clients report feeling an inner calmness and increased self-confidence after only one session of Reiki; enabling them to deal better with challenging situations in their life for which they previously found stressful. When introducing some Crystals and Sound Healing into these sessions, this inner calmness magnifies. 

Sessions include the use of Reiki Seichem, Crystals, Dowsing and Sound to align, balance and heal the person's assemblage point, chakras and aura; all of which are the centres of our life energy and affect how we think, feel, communicate and behave every second of every minute of every hour of our whole life experience.

When our assemblage points and chakras are not aligned and out of balance, anxiety and worrying thoughts increase; we experience challenges with our problem solving and creativity; we can have a lack of confidence and self esteem; our relationships suffer; our 'inner talk' and communicating with others becomes impaired or ceases altogether; our intuition and ability to sense and navigate complex situations can become confusing and foggy and our whole physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being becomes dysfunctional. An Integrative Energy Healing session is one very powerful way to get back in to sync and start moving forward with your personal healing journey.

Additionally, I offer you the option of creating your own personal Integrative Energy Healing Vibrational Essence which continues working on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical being and extends the benefits of this enabling session.

* The combination of treatments depends on your choice and requirements)

You can also choose to come along and have just specific individual healing treatments such as Reiki Seichem; Sound Healing; Crystal Healing; a Bach Flower Remedy consultation; a meditation session or any of the other therapies I offer on a one to one basis...see below for more information of these...




Personalised Bach Flower Remedy  & Essences:

from £16 (depending on how many flower remedies you need in a tincture)

I am qualified and accredited with the Complimentary Medical Association as a Bach Flower Remedies & Essences Practitioner and can create a personalised Bach Flower Remedy or Essence specifically for you to support you during the challenges you are facing and the changes you are making in your life. Each remedy or Essence is created specifically for you and works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level within. 

You can buy Bach Flower Remedies from the supermarket, chemists and other health related places as one Flower Remedy in each bottle but when I create your tincture, it is personal to you and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual requirements and well-being at this moment in time and can contain up to 7 different Flower Remedies in one tincture bottle and does not cost you 7 times the cost of purchasing them individually!

As each flower vibration works within you over the following weeks, it raises your vibration and improves your well-being and you will start to notice a shift in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. When the shift is complete, you will notice a change in your mood, this means you have moved through one transformation and ready for a new remedy to move further forward. We will review and update your remedy/essence between 4-8 weeks, or sooner if you notice a shift has taken place within you before your planned review.

Clients notice that the Bach Flower Remedies enable shifts in stuck emotions, mental dilemmas, physical symptoms and/or spiritual stagnation. These are brought to the surface for you to work through and support you to move forward in a gentle and holistic way. 


Personalised Integrative Energy Healing Essences (PIEH):  

£9 (captured during your Energy Healing treatment to enhance its healing effects!)

YOu can choose to have a Peronalised Integrative Energy Healing (PIEH) essence created during your Reiki, Crystal, Sound or Integrative Energy Healing Treatment.

Clients have reported that the healing effects of their treatments are felt for longer whilst they are taking the essence containing its vibration over the following few weeks!

The vibrations created during your treatment transform the structure of the molecules in the water in the bottle just as explained in Dr Marasu Emoto's documentary above!

How amazing does this sound? - You can take your treatment away with you and continue it or give yourself a boost whenever you feel the need between healing treatments! 


A powerful 3 hour combination session of NLP Life Coaching & Assemblage Point Alignment & a Personalised Integrative Energy Healing (PIEH) Treatment with a 'takeaway' personal Essence :  £109

(if you want a Personalised Bach Flower Remedy instead of the Vibrational Essence there will be an extra charge depending on how many Flower Remedies you need (can be up to seven different ones)


NB. Some alcohol is generally used to preserve the Vibration Tinctures along with our very own softened, filtered water (plus a boost of Reiki Energy!)


you can choose to have it made without alcohol and purely with our very own softened, filtered water (+ a boost of Reiki) and keep it refridgerated and in the dark. 


Each time you need a new remedy and you return your previous bottle for recycling to me, you will get a £1 discount on your next remedy/essence.

 Please contact me if you want to learn more about these new unique personalised exciting treatments!




Current Opportunities to be a Case Study for me...

There are no current Case Study Opportunities but when there are, they will be posted here...

Charitable donations received for receiving a treatment are given to


'The Bristol Childrens' Help Society' 


who help to fund the activities for children with autism, their siblings and parents which are offered in the school holidays by the Bristol Autism Project (BAP).'

My daughter Farrah, my son and I have received wonderful opportunities to participate in many activities over the years which we would not have otherwise thought of doing and which have widened our experiences in life and we would have found these activities, in a mainstream environment, very challenging to attempt in those early days whilst 'coping with autism' and this is a way I can say 'thank you!'Smile


 Meditation Classes - One2one, in a group or come to my Bespoke Meditation Course below

I am a trained Meditation Teacher accrediated with a diploma by the Complimentary Medical Association. I offer one2one meditation classes, Group Classes and Bespoke Courses (see below)

One2one classes are £40 per hour.

Group sessions - Please contact me for more information.



Sound Meditation Personal Development Course for Adults, Parents & Carers...

A Sound Mind & Body = A Sound Life!

Singing Bowl & Strker on a lace table cloth  Display of Sound Healing instruments  Shamanic Drum & Drumstick

Reduce Anxiety and become a calmer and more confident YOU, choosing the life you want to lead and creating your road map to achieve it!...using NLP, Meditation, Movement, Energy, Visualisation, Intention and Sacred Soundwaves...

I am currently preparing an awesome series of Personal Development & Resonance Meditation classes to create an empowering course and that will enable you to create a personal space within, where you can explore your 'inner being,' your 'authentic self' and realise your full potential for living the life you aspire to and dream about... using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), gongs, singing bowls, bells, the voice and other resonant sacred sound instruments along with guided meditation...

The venue and dates are yet to be decided but here's an insight into the topics we will be exploring:

Each session will consist of Sound, Coaching, Personal Development Education, Movement, Vocal Expression & Meditation.

You will learn how to explore your ideas and create well-informed outcomes, how to change what you no longer want in your life and create what you do want, how to find your confidence, calmness and any other emotional state you need with visualisation and movement, how to balance your inner energies with sound and intention, how you can understand and create better relationships, how to change your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, how to assess the different roles in your life and improve them in the areas you feel need improving, evaluate what's important to you and be true to your authentic and personal values and not those of others and so much more!

Session 1: Introduction to Resonance Meditation and exploring and creating your desired outcome and destiny.

We will explore what is important to create a well-informed choice and how to change an idea into action and take the first step forward towards your chosen outcome and destiny.

Session 2: Environments:

your inner & outer environments and how you can create what you need to feel calm, centred and confident. We will explore the environments you live and work in and discover what you want to change to feel safe and confident as a foundation of life.

Session 3: Behaviours:

the positive intentions behind them and how you can understand them better and choose to change them.

Session 4: Abilities:

what you can do and could do when you find the resources you already have to enable and empower you.

Session 5: Cause and Effect/Relationships/Meanings/Beliefs:

social interaction and communication - relationships and your reality of the world. Overcoming your limiting beliefs.

Session 6: What and who is important to you/Your Values:

it's okay for you to have opinions that differ to others. Exploring and discovering your values and your own authentic truth.

Session 7: Your diversity and individuality:

what makes you who you are and believing 'I am me and I am okay' - (Virginia Satir)

Session 8: The big picture of who you are now:

Who you are, the roles you have in your life, what is important to you about your life and living your truth, believing in yourself, your abilities and your potential possibilities, committing to your first step of action to move forward and when and where you will take your next step forward.

Session 9: Moving forward:

creating your own personal map and gathering all the resources you need to drive yourself forward to your desired outcomes and your chosen direction and destiny for your life.

Before or between the 9 sessions you will have the opportunity to receive an Assemblage Point Alignment Assessment and Treatment at a special discounted rate of £40 as part of being a participant on this empowering  course.  

Please contact me to register your interest and provisionally book your place and to ask any questions.


 will be in Bristol (most likely in North Bristol, Stoke Bishop with Parking) and dates are currently being arranged (starting sometime in Autumn 2018). 

Once a venue and dates are confirmed, more details will be posted.